Read The Online Mattress Shopping Guides

Before spending money on a new mattress, go online to sites that rate mattresses and give shopping advice. These sites can save the consumer time and money. They can help the consumer purchase the best-rated mattress for their money. A shopper should read full report information on the rating sites. There are local mattress stores and there are online mattress retail sites to choose from. There are mattress companies that manufacture mattresses and sell them direct to customers online.

Which Mattress Is Right?

There are many mattress companies in the United States that make fine mattresses of many different materials and construction types. Finding the best one is the challenge. Researching online saves the consumer time and money. Mattress rating and buying guide sites can be helpful. A shopper can look at several sites to see which mattress manufacturers and models are liked by several sites and go from there.

Highly rated Nectar Mattress

One of the best-rated mattresses for 2017 is called the Nectar 11". On some sites, this mattress has a five-star rating. It gets high scores on things people should be looking for such as motion isolation, lifespan, warranty, price, support, and comfort. Also, look for ratings on heat dissipation. The Nectar 11" mattress is made of memory foam.

This mattress consists of several layers to assure optimum comfort. The top layer that touches sleeper's skin is a cotton and Tencel fabric, next is a quilted pad of gel-memory foam followed by a layer of LushFoam to distribute weight and heat. The fourth layer is Hi Core adaptive foam for stability and the last layer is the base of breathable high-density foam.

Mattress rating sites say this mattress is a little slow in response time to sleepers movements but it has very good overall support. The mattress is very good at absorbing motion to avoid disruption of a partner's sleep. This bed has a system in place to avoid hot sleeping. Though it may seem warmer than a coil spring mattress, or latex mattress, it is one of the cooler memory foam type mattresses.

Another question is about the new mattress smell. Yes, it has that smell and the advice is to let it air out for two days before installing and sleeping on it. This mattress can set on a box spring, platform base, or any sturdy flat surface. Check the website for more information.