Garden Decor in Your House

30Garden Decor is an interesting decoration topic.

The garden is an addition of our home, and we should invest some time thinking and designing this special place were we will spend some time with our families and friends.

If your house is very small, also will be your garden, so take your time to consider: space distribution, accessories to include, plants, sizes, etc. All this elements should be a perfect match: small garden goes with small plants. But always you can use one big element.

If you do not have a big garden, we recommend you not to think about paths. The use of a horizontal layout will help you to give your garden a feeling of more space.

You can think of a garden designed with different levels. This fools the eye and gives the impression of a larger space. You can use the existing landscape with the new design, so your garden feels like a complement of the existing nature.
It is always a good tip to mix big plants with smaller ones in your garden decoration.

Fast growing rate plants should be avoided in a small garden. If you are going to use bright colors, you should use them right at the entryway of your garden. At the end of the garden you can use dark colors. These create a depth effect as if they vanish.

Another tip to give the impression of a bigger garden, you can use plants with large green stuff at the entrance, and the plants with smaller leaves at the end. You could use big and small plants combine, not necessarily put them aside, so you can break monotony in your garden decoration. To work on the fences and walls, it is recommended even if you have a small garden, the use of climbing plants, so you can cover the walls and also give your garden a sense of no limits.