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Finding a Good Roofer with Six Questions Looking for the right roofer can be a tough job. With the great number of candidates around, how should you choose? Here are six questions to ask yourself as you make a choice: Do they have insurance? Choose a roofer with liability and worker's compensation insurance. Request to see the certificates, and give the insurance company a call to confirm the validity of the documents. This helps you level the playing field for all bids, knowing that the cost of the roof and the service is partly protected by coverage.
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Are they communicating as they should?
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Do they return your calls or send requested documents promptly? Do they send you requested documents? Do they follow through? Communication is paramount to any kind of business. If it's ineffective, project results and business relationships are compromised. How did you come to know about them? How you came to know a roofer can also be a factor as you decide if they're a good fit or not. For example, did they just come up to you one day, knocking on your door? Forget them. Talk to your agent and ask for advice. Most of these questionable roofers will claim that you have storm damage, and make you sign a letter of intent. Don't fall prey to this pressure tactic. You never ever have to sign an intent letter. Read the contracts, carefully combing through the details. Are they too cheap to be true? Never choose a roofing company on price alone. We know that reputable service providers have overhead and insurance costs, so they have to establish pricing in order to pay them. If they work out of a pick-up truck, they will charge cheap, but you get what you pay for. Most likely, you will have to spend more on repairs in the future, repairs you could have well avoided if you had paid a little more on a good roofer who could provide you a workmanship guarantee. Will they have you sign a written contract with all key details? Being the client, you have to be in control. Do not pay until the job is completed. You must be satisfied with the result first and foremost. Before the job starts, all terms of payment must be well ironed out. And remember to inquire how long it might take to finish the project. You need to know the size of their crew so you can tell if the provided deadline is realistic. Are they local? Choosing a local roofer is wise. "Local" not only refers to a roofer with a local scope of operations, but also one with an established and reputable standing in your community. This helps you avoid issues regarding warranty. It is easy for any roofer to provide a piece of paper, but remember that warranty is only as reliable as the company that provided it.