Buying Your First House? Then You May Need a Basic Garden Tools List

17If you have just bought your first house, chances are you will not have any gardening tools.

Purchasing a few basic tools will ensure you are able to keep the garden looking neat and tidy as well as being able to plant flowers and vegetables.

As time goes on you can always add to your collection of tools to this basic list as they become necessary.

Garden Spade

A must have for digging soil, shifting earth and making holes. There are two main types of garden spade a digging spade and a border spade which is smaller. If you have a fair amount of soil to dig go for a digging spade, if you a weak back or arms then a border spade is a better option.


Used for cutting weeds just below the surface of the soil in vegetable plots or borders. This action will kill annual weeds and slow down perennial weeds.

Garden Fork

Ideal for digging in stony or clay soils where a spade would have difficulty penetrating, also good for breaking up clods of soil.

Soil Rake

These are used for levelling and making fine soil ready for planting and sowing.

Lawn Rake

Indispensible in the autumn or fall for raking up leaves as well as grass cuttings and debris from your lawn.

Garden Trowel

A multipurpose tool used for weeding, planting and countless other tasks around the garden.

Secateurs or Hand Pruners

Secateurs can be used for pruning stems or twigs up to ¾ of an inch or 19mm thick. There are two main types of secateurs, bypass and anvil. Most people buy bypass as they are much better at getting in tight spaces. Due to their cutting action give a cleaner cut which helps prevent plant disease.

Watering Can

Watering cans are the best way to apply targeted water to seedlings and young plants. Because they emit a gentle spray they will not damage seedlings.


These are useful for taking tools or compost to and from your place of work in your garden. They can be used for transporting debris to the compost heap as well as a lot of non gardening tasks.

Hand Shears

A good pair of shears will trim hedges and overhanging grass on lawn edges.

Before purchasing any garden tools its well worth doing some research. Garden tools can vary quite a bit in how they are manufactured and what materials are used. Buying a good well made garden tool will make gardening a pleasure.